Brands How Payments Work:

Brand administrators will be emailed an invoice on the first of each month for the payouts owed to their influencers for the past month plus Fervora platform fees. The invoice contains a link to pay the due amount via echeck.

When paid, Fervora handles all appropriate divisions of earnings to the rightful influencers. Once an influencer has reached a $5.00 minimum payout threshold, they’re able to withdraw their earnings via PayPal.

Goal Overview:

Goals are results that a brand can pay their influencers for once reached. Two types of goals can be set up: referrals and conversions.

  1. A referral goal rewards an influencer any time they refer a unique visitor to a destination of your choosing. That destination can be site-wide or to a specific page. The influencer will get paid whatever you set the referral payout amount to be when they send a unique click.
  2. A conversion goal rewards an ambassador with a flat fee when one of their referrals has complete a task determined by you.

Conversion goals rely on unique, endpoint URLs to determine when a referral has completed that goal. For example, say your sale confirmation page that consumers reach after completing a purchase is Consumers can only reach that page when they have completed a purchase. When an influencer sends a referral that reaches that page, Fervora will recognize that referral has completed a purchase.

If your conversion URL contains a dynamic portion that changes with each customer (order ID, customer ID, etc), a "Dynamic Portion Placeholder" (DPP) value must be used for that section when configuring the conversion URL. A DPP is represented by an asterisk: *. For example, this order thank you page contains an order number: In order to correctly configure a conversion URL using that page, the URL structure should use a DPP in place of the order number section, looking like this:*/thank_you

Brand Fervora Integration Process:

Integrating a brand on the Fervora platform is a simple process and is completed in just five steps:

  1. Step 1- Hashtag Selection: All brands on Fervora must be started by an existing influencer. You’ll be asked to choose a hashtag for yourself first.
  2. Step 2- Setting Up Your Goals: Setting up your goals allows you choose what behavior will you reward your influencers for and how much will you reward them. For more information on different goal times, please see the “Goal Overview” section in this FAQ.
  3. Step 3- Installing Tracking: Fervora requires a lightweight tracking script to be on a brand’s website. It can be installed in two ways:
    1. Hardcoded in a site-wide element of your website like the header.
    2. Placed into a site-wide tag manager like Google Tag Manager.
    The script needs to be present on every single page. Some ecommerce platforms like Shopify can have “siloed” areas of a website where scripts placed on the public facing website don’t also get placed on the checkout/cart portion of the web. Double check to ensure that your integration of the Fervora tracking script has been place everywhere.
  4. Step 4- Edit Your Brand Page: Give a brief overview of your brand and your influencer program in 400 characters, a 600x600px version of your company logo, and choose your Fervora influencer program handle.
  5. Step 5- Publish Your Program: Turn your influencer program live and send out invitation emails to any influencers you wish to join your newly launched Fervora program.
Shopify Integration:

The Fervora tracking script needs to be placed on every single page. Shopify users will need to integrate the Fervora tracking pixel in two places:

  1. On the public facing website using either a tag manager (like Google Tag Manager) or directly hard coded into the header.
  2. On the full checkout phase of the website, configured and installed through Shopify:
    1. When customers visit their order status on a Shopify powered ecomm site, it may trigger a goal completion for each time the order status page is visited. Special code will need to be enable around the Fervora tracking pixel to avoid this:

See this video demo for how to install the additional Shopify tracking.

Communication with Influencers

A downloadable list of your program’s influencers and their email addresses is available by clicking on the green ‘Export (CSV)’ button on the ‘Influencer’ page in your dashboard.

Influencers Sharing Your Influencer Hashtag Link To A Brand’s Homepage

Fervora enables you to share your hashtag link that leads to the homepage of any brand you represent (ex: These links are available to be copied in your Fervora account, or by appending #yourhashtag to the end of the brand’s homepage URL.

Sharing A Specific Product Webpage With Your Hashtag

Influencers can share hashtag links that leads to any specific web page on a brand’s website. Simply visit the desired page on the brand’s website and append your hashtag on to the end of the URL (ex:

Sharing Links On Instagram

Instagram does not allow link sharing in the description of any Instagram post, but influencers can share their hashtag links in three ways. Failure to share it in one of the ways listed below will potentially invalidate the link, so please follow the instructions carefully:

  1. Sharing A Version Of Your Link In The “Website” Section Of Your Profile: Instagram allows uses to link to their website in the ‘Website’ section of their profile. Raw hashtag links, however, will automatically have the hashtag deleted from the link by Instagram. Because of this, we recommend that you put your full hashtag link through a link shortener service like It’s easy, fast and that ‘shortened’ link will work without a problem in your Instagram profile’s ‘website’ section.
  2. ‘Verified’ Instagram Users Can Share Links In Their Stories: ‘Verified’ Instagram users can include hashtag links on any posts made in your Stories section and it will work correctly. Instagram will not delete the hashtag from the link.
  3. Including A Non-Clickable Link In Your Profile Bio: Hashtag links can be placed in the biography on your profile. The link, however, will not be clickable. For this reason, we highly recommend the first option of using a link shortener for your hashtag link in the website section.
Earnings & Payments: How It Works

When you successfully complete a goal, you will see the earnings for that goal reported on your Fervora dashboard. All earnings start out with a “Pending” status, indicating that we’re still waiting for the brand to pay their invoice for those earnings. Once an invoice has been paid, the “Pending” label will be taken off and you will see those earnings in your “Commission Balance” total. When your “Commission Balance” total reaches the $5 minimum threshold required to withdraw earnings, you can withdraw them to your PayPal account.